MST 'Hellhound' AXM-50

The AXM-50 is a light weight, fast firing gun designed for personal use as well as the militia. Although it probably does not provide the best accuracy, the sheer rate of fire will strike fear into your enemies... unless it strikes death into them first.

The 'Hellhound' special edition is especially designed for consumers who like the gun for it's benefits but do not like the antiquated design of the original series.

MST 'Ripper' Combat Knife

Even after the blaster revolution there is still a high demand for melee weapons. One of the most popular choices in this area is the Merr-Sonn Technologies Combat Knife. It's small, handy and provides an ultra-sharp edge. It's the perfect tool to engage your enemy in close combat. Whole armies are equipped with the Combat Knife, and during the recent Derra Tournament it was the most used melee weapon.

Our 'Ripper' is a tribute to this multifunctional weapon. We're proud to produce such a popular weapon and this is our way of showing it.

MST 'Paladin' DDC-Defender

The DDC-Defender is a popular blaster pistol throughout the whole galaxy. Basically designed for diplomats to defend theirselves it provides accuracy, silency, reliablity and is very handy - it's the last defense. Not for nothing is this special edition called 'The Paladin'.

It is long since this weapons only use is as the last defense for politicians. Over the time competitive shooters discovered it being the perfect choice for shooting competitions. They rely on its ummatched adventages and quality.

MST 'Headhunter' DL-44

Without a doubt Merr-Sonn Technologies' DL-44 is one of the most popular weapons in the known galaxy. Originally designed by BlasTech, Merr-Sonn noticed the potential of the blaster early and bought the Datacard. The DL-44 finds use in nearly every army, private milita, and headhunter clan. No matter what enemy you're facing, the DL-44 is the best choice to do the job.

This unique upgrade to the DL-44 is a testament to the pride we take in calling this masterpiece our own.

MST 'Veteran' DY-225

Once the most publically sold weapon, the DY-225 is known by everyone. No other blaster weapon was ever sold in such large quantities. This weapon was a standard issue for soldiers in nearly every major army, militia group, and private organization. It remained the most widely-used weapon in the galaxy for a long time because it was good at its job.

This updated design is for those who are nostalgic or who still continue to find a use for the ever-versatile DY-225. The sleek design and new casing brings it to the attention of any would-be aggressor, and sends a clear message that its owner is nowhere near as helpless as first appearances might suggest.

MST 'Interceptor' Force Pike

As the name indicates, the Force Pike is related to the mysteries of the force. Back in the days when force users were feared by many, and their lightsabres were unmatched weapons, we invented a pike capable of stopping the advance of a lightsaber blade. The Force Pike is one of the few weapons which enables its user to actually fight and possibly defeat a Sith adversary.

MST 'Marksman' MG-15 Carbine

The MG-15 Carbine is one of the most feared unrestricted weapons that MST sells. Though the gun itself is of an older design, we can assure you that the enemy will never stop fearing the prospect of having this long-range, rapid fire instrument of death blasting away at their position.

Our latest design of this legendary weapon combines the attributes that have long made it a feared tool of war with the sleek, customized design it has always deserved. Any enemy spotter who sees this beautiful weapon from a distance will know that death draws near. With this gun it's not just firing an ordinary gun, it's a personal statement.

MST 'Warsaw' Vibroblade

With the vibroblade Merr-Sonn Technologies offers another formidable melee weapon. Whether you are cutting your dinner into smaller portions, slicing the tough hide of a vicious predator, or taking on any challenge in between, you will find the vibroblade to me more than up to the task. Even heavily armored droids will find themselves reduced to scrap metal when confronted with one of these weapons in the hands of a skilled user.

MST 'Ambush' W-2X Wrist Caster

Of all the weapons MST sells to the public, none does a better job of giving the enemy a false sense of security than the W-2X Wristcaster. Restricted by the New Republic until very recently, this rare weapon, when properly concealed, can escape the notice of even the most trained eyes. But for those who wish to conceal it, our customized designs will add another element of surprise to the unwary, as eyes trained to spot a Wristcaster's more traditional design will not immediately recognize the threat that is posed to them.

This added element of surprise for a weapon already feared for its stealthy yet deadly purpose gives our deluxe Wristcaster the notorious nickname of "Phantom Death.