Public sales and rentals

Prices per batch and Datacard

Merr-Sonn Technologies offers the widest range of weapons and gear in the known galaxy. Choose from 48 permanently available products or rent the DC and produce them for your own.
All of MSTs products are produced at the cutting edge and with know-how never seen before. Although the quality is exceptional the prices are still at the lower end of the pricing scale.

For product sales contact Bobby Boudreaux.
For Datacard rental contact Bobby Boudreaux.


In order of our sales and rentals there are some decent discounts possible. Discounts can be declined in any trade without comment.
NR citizens30%
GA citizens20%
  • Discounts are not additive, only the highest discount applies.
  • Discounts on products only apply when the products are not intended for resale. The buyer has to agree to that.
  • Discounts on DCs apply in any case, even when intended for resale.

Building factories

Price per factory: 5,000,000cr

We're offering our customers to join Merr-Sonn Technologies and build their own factories. The low price is only for covering production costs and has to be paid before makeover. MST does not not offer free slabs, raw materials nor manpower or NPCs.


Production costs only

Merr-Sonn Technologies gives you the chance to produce your own stuff in your own factories. It doesn't matter if you want to produce items or vehicles, as long as you have the RMs and factories the only limitations are your own funds.

Production costs has to be paid before makeover.