Merr-Sonn Technologies as an employer

Merr-Sonn Technologies is the senior producing weapon company in the galaxy and envied by many. Weapons are crafted with great care, including each individual element - the quality is unrivaled, it is an artform in itself.

Each individual product is tested before it reaches its customers, employees of Merr-Sonn Technologies understand the need for reliability, especially if it means life or death. Our products have the means of creating dreams or destroying them.

Together employees of MST hold a passion for producing the best weaponry, survival aids and tools for the Galaxy, membership is an honor and every cog of the machine is important, whether its providing and transporting precious materials, constructing facilities and cities or manufacturing the products themselves.

Reliability is important and with it an employee can reap the rewards of respect, credits and promotion.

Open positions:


Primary Skills: Computer Operations, Management
Secondary Skills: Freighter Piloting, Diplomacy/Trading

Mining and Prospecting are the very foundations that MST is laid upon, the resources are essential for the continuous production of weapons, tools and survival aids for our customers.

Working in this branch means to operate a number of terrain squares and either prospect or mine them, or both.


Primary Skills: Management
Secondary Skills: Freighter Piloting, Diplomacy/Trading

MST is constantly expanding, individuals are needed to push the company to new heights and provide stability.

The work in this branch includes the creation of cities, construction of facilities and the moving of unused NPCs from finished projects.

Research & Development

Primary Skills: R&D Weapons
Secondary Skills: Freighter Piloting, Management, Diplomacy/Trading

The success of MST is based on the availability of a wide range of high technology products. This is not a self-evident position, we had to work hard to achieve this.

R&D is about the process to make our products even better as well as improving our production cycle.


Primary Skills: Management
Secondary Skills: Freighter Piloting, Diplomacy/Trading

Production is the most crucial part of our factions. To work here you have to be a long time member of MST.

Only the most trusted members are chosen for this branch,

Rewards and benefits:

  • Rank based salaries. Regular promotions.
  • Bonuses based on activity and jobs.
  • New Republic citizenship, including a wide range of privileges.
  • Member discounts on faction products and DCs.
  • Intensive training.

  • Join here or contact Bobby Boudreaux if you have any questions.